Terms of Service

To our clients we announce that you are granted, by JoomSpear, wavering, fixed and partial permit/license to access and be able to use out templates in web design and this also applies to the products sold through our website in according to the terms of service of JoomSpear.

Note: In reference to the term Templates, this also may refer to templates, styles, themes or even a particular design for a particular platform.

1. Confined Usage of our products is allowed
As a client you have the authority to use the JoomSpear templates on as many coexisting sites that you want or as you are entitled to. The templates can still be used even at the expiry of your membership as allowed, so you are not limited to the use of our templates. As long as you adhere to our Terms of Service, according to our Developer level club, you are granted the unlimited usage of JoomSpear templates.

2. Non – Profit Sites:
On non-profit sites, JoomSpear does not recognize or the sites are not counted towards the synchronous usage of the templates. Non-profit sites falls under the definition of, the site represents a non-profitable organization in its home country. So basically if your site does not fall under the definition, JoomSpear will not recognize it as a non-profit site.