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SEO Portfolio

A middle east related online magazine, located in California, here I am working as an editor, project-manager and SEO specialist since a long time. Targeted Keywords: middle east news, islam news, muslim news 1st page on google till end of 2012
Nirvana Technology And Traders
This is a web design, SEO and ITES-BPO company in Bangladesh. We have done SEO for - keywords: web design and BPO company in Bangladesh ITES-BPO company in Bangladesh BPO company and SEO Bangladesh 1st page on google till now
Queen Thai Lottery
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Thai Lottery Bangkok
SEO for site- Keywords: Thai Lottery Thailand Lottery Thai Lotto 1st page on google till end of 2013, March
Thai Lottery Tips Web site
This site has designed and SEO by Nirvana Technology. Build with popular CMS Joomla and SEO for targeted keywords as- Thai lottery, Thailand lottery, Thai lotto, Thai lottery, Thai land lottery 1st page on google till end of 2012